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Creating Spaces That Inspire You

Do you love your home but feel like something is missing? Maybe it’s a home office to make working from home more pleasant.

Or perhaps it’s a sunroom where you can sip your morning coffee and enjoy the day. From guest suites to entertainment rooms, our design and construction team will work with you to create a home addition that suits your lifestyle. The highest-quality materials will be paired with our carpenters’ excellent craftsmanship. We have earned advanced certifications as Green Professionals and Graduate Remodelers.

The Nelson Builders team promises to treat you and your home with respect. We will keep the space clean while we work with you and for you. Together, we will craft and construct the home addition you’ve been dreaming of.

Our Process

Before the hammers ever swing, we strive to make the planning and design components of your renovation an enjoyable and thoughtful experience.

The first piece is getting to know you! We work from a broad view at the beginning to learn your goals and determine a realistic budget.

Once we know the general scope of your project, we get more specific. What materials & fixtures will best suit your tastes? How will you use the space? Your preferences will guide us in further refining your home addition’s design and budget.

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