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Working with the Nelson Builders Team

Our Goal

As a general remodeling contractor, we aim to meet or exceed your expectations as a homeowner. Because of this, our relationship with you and your family is our top priority.

We will collaborate with you to design and plan your project, keep you informed throughout the building process, and ensure those finishing touches are perfect.

Our approach sets us apart from new construction builders as we perceive a construction site not just as a mere site, but as a home. We prioritize the protection of the home from dust and damage, implementing a comprehensive process. This involves safeguarding indoor elements such as floors, furniture, pets, and children, as well as addressing outdoor aspects like landscaping, parking, and dumpsters.

Working With Us

Dreaming & Planning (1–2 weeks)

+ -

During our initial phone call, we will:

  • Listen to what you like and don’t like about your current home and assess your goals, needs, and desires.
  • Discuss how our process helps to make your project a simple and enjoyable experience.
  • Discuss your desired budget and investment needs.
  • Review and discuss the next steps in our process.
  • Request pictures and rough drawings or dimensions of the areas to be renovated emailed to us to assist in giving budget ranges for the project.

Once pictures are received, a second phone call is scheduled to present budget ranges and discuss the Design Development Agreement (DDA), if applicable. During this call, if the budget is acceptable, we will schedule an on-site visit to present the DDA and view the project area.

Discovery & Selection (3–5 weeks)

+ -

Once the DDA (if applicable) has been implemented, our next steps include:

  • Completing a field sketch and gathering more detailed measurements, taking photographs, and scheduling visits with trades if needed.
  • Reviewing floor plans and designs created (or received from an architect) and making any changes or revisions.
  • Scheduling a time to meet and review plans, if needed. After that:
    • A list will be prepared for you of materials to be selected.
    • You’ll visit our trusted suppliers and pick the material you like.
    • If you need help coordinating your selections, our designers are here to help!

Finalize & Review (1–2 weeks)

+ -

Once your material selections are completed, we will:

  • Review final specifications, materials selected, pricing, and preliminary schedule.
  • Review final floor plans and any other necessary plans.

Once the design is finalized and the selections are made, a fixed-price proposal with a detailed scope of work will be written. We will review the proposal we’ve created especially for you based on your design and anticipated DDA budget. Once the proposal and contract are agreed upon and signed, a down payment is received to secure the project in our production schedule.

Pre-Construction (4–9* weeks)

+ -

Before we start construction, we will:

  • Apply for all necessary permits.
  • Order all necessary materials.
  • Coordinate delivery of material and start a production schedule.
  • Introduce you to your lead carpenter.
  • Ask a series of questions regarding general housekeeping issues to ensure safety and security as we work on your home.
  • Answer any questions you may have before we begin.

*Dependent on the production schedule and lead time.

Construction (5–24* weeks)

+ -

During construction, we will:

  • Schedule regular (weekly) meetings with you to keep you informed of the construction process.
  • Update you on work that is being performed.
  • Update you on any changes to the schedule.
  • Meet with you to address any concerns and questions during construction.
  • Update you on any changes that may require cost increases or credits due to changes in the scope of work.

*Project dependent.


+ -

After construction work is complete:

  • Our Lifetime Warranty Promise starts! At your post-project meeting, we will present you with our Warranty Promise. If there is a problem with our workmanship– whether it is five months or five years after the job is completed–we will take care of it for as long as you own your home.
  • We will walk you through the operation of your new fixtures and appliances.

We aim to make this process an enjoyable experience for you. We want you to love the enhancements to your home and share the finished work and the ease of your experience with others who would benefit from our services.

The BuildClean System

The dust and debris that comes with home remodeling can be a big hurdle for many people to overcome when deciding whether or not to renovate.

68% of homeowners complain about the dust in their home during home improvement projects. The promise of a more functional, efficient living space is appealing, but the pain of the dust-filled air and dust covered furniture might have you second-guessing your decision. For some, dust is more than just an inconvenience. It can pose a threat to physical health.

When you work with Nelson Builders, you’ll see the state-of-the-art technology we employ to keep dust from dominating your home during the renovation process.

We utilize BuildClean, a dust control system designed to keep your living space clean and livable throughout the renovation process. The BuildClean system eliminates up to 90% of airborne dust to keep things comfortable for you and your family.

While some dust is to be expected in any remodeling project, Nelson Builders is committed to doing our part to keep your home livable and the workspace tidy while we are in your home.

The BuildClean system removes the dust particles from of the air and helps protect you and your home in 4 key ways:

+ -

  • It keeps dust from settling and lingering in your home long after your renovation is complete.
  • It provides a healthier environment for you, your family, and your pets.
  • It safeguards the air you breathe from particles and irritants like crystalline silica and lead.
  • It helps protect your electronics such as your computer and television from dust.

To minimize the impact of dust in your home during the remodeling process, we recommend:

+ -

  • Isolating the work area by closing doors and creating temporary walls or barriers.
  • Sealing the vents in the area, whether or not your heating/cooling system is currently turned on.
  • Removing all property from the room and covering what cannot be moved with drop cloths.
  • Controlling airflow by keeping windows and doors closed to the rest of the house and circulating clear, outdoor air during and directly after renovation work.
  • Cleaning as we go before the dust has a chance to migrate.

At Nelson Builders, we pride ourselves on helping people like you achieve the home of your dreams with minimal disruption. Utilizing tools such as the BuildClean system, is one way we honor that commitment to our clients.

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