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Dream Yard Helps Couple Enjoy Lake Michigan’s Shoreline

Dream Yard Helps Couple Enjoy Lake Michigan’s Shoreline

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Dream Yard Helps Couple Enjoy Lake Michigan’s Shoreline

For one of our recent clients, the idea of redoing their deck and yard to allow them to spend more time enjoying their getaway cottage on Lake Michigan excited them.

When they called us, we were eager to help them make their vision of a backyard that allowed them to enjoy the natural beauty of the shoreline a reality.

The first step was taking apart the treated lumber deck that was sorely in need of replacement. After the deck was dismantled, we were able to build up a new deck that incorporates deck lighting to create a pleasant ambiance for summer evenings spent on the lake.

In addition to creating the new deck, we also were able to build a foot washing station to keep sand from tracking back up into the house. This is both beautiful and very functional as it helps keep the mess out of the house and optimizes this couple’s ability to enjoy Lake Michigan. We also put in slate pavers from the deck down to the shoreline, drawing eyes to the water.

To complete the project, new landscaping was installed to enhance the beautiful view of the lake and all of the new features in the yard itself.

We are so eager to see the yard in its full beauty as the Michigan summer quickly approaches. Creating a space where this couple can enjoy the Michigan shoreline more fully has been a delight!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your view of Lake Michigan or remodel your Holland-area home, Nelson Builders is here to help! Give us a call today to start the conversation.