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Family Cottage Renovation

Family Cottage Renovation

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Family Cottage Renovation

At Nelson Builders, few things excite us more than being able to watch family visions renewed and restored. A recent cottage renovation project allowed us to do just that.

Initially built in 1926, this cottage was a part of Amanda’s earliest memories. Growing up, her summers were spent in this cottage, exploring the dunes and cooling off in the waters of Lake Michigan. Her parents owned the summer cottage for many years until recently, Amanda and her husband decided to purchase the home themselves and pass along those memories to the next generation.


Renovating a cottage that is almost 100 years old is a weighty challenge.

The dune site is beautiful to enjoy but provides many challenges in remodeling. First, the location itself required extensive planning because of the secluded community and narrow roads that could not support the trucks that would be typically used to bring in supplies for a project of this size.

Because the house was initially designed to be a summer home, the house was never insulated and needed modern heating, plumbing, and wiring installed. Throughout this project, the desire to preserve the original look and feel of the cottage was at the forefront of our minds.

For the owners, it was essential to preserve the look of Amanda’s parents’ cottage, and because of that, we worked to keep the original woodwork in place as much as possible. Upstairs, the original design was very cramped with low ceilings. We wanted to make that a more usable space by opening it up and adding vaulted ceilings.

As we finish up this project, we are eager to see the next generation fill this home with memories all year long.

Now that the cottage is equipped with modern plumbing technology, heating, and insulation, we hope that the Dodd family will enjoy many wonderful years here together!  

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