Our Difference

1. Prompt & Clear Communication
We’re eager to hear from you. You can expect a warm and friendly tone from the moment we begin communicating. Also you can expect all voicemails, emails, and texts to receive a response within hours, not days. We’re committed to this level of communication before, during, and after the sale.

2. A clean jobsite that your family can live around.
We promise to maintain a clean, organized, and safe work area that minimizes the disruption to your family’s routine and schedule. Safety glasses when working, tarps laid down and dust barriers around work area, no smoking, materials and tools stacked neat and tidy. Being considerate and respectful of your family’s needs and home is important to our Holland home improvement contractors.

3. Detailed Specs & Guaranteed Cost.
During our initial meetings, you may be surprised by the number of questions we ask and the amount of time we spend with you. We’ve learned investing extra time early in the process is critical to the project’s success. Our Holland home improvement contractors work closely with you, selecting all materials and clearly defining the scope so your expectations are fully met. At the end of this step, we can deliver a guaranteed cost.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee
Many people say “Satisfaction Guaranteed” — what does that mean? With Nelson Builders, it means we’re committed to doing the job right the first time. And if you’re not satisfied, we’re prepared to keep working until you are. Your complete satisfaction is so important to us, and we’re so con dent in our quality work, we’re willing to guarantee it!

5. Our Lifetime Warranty Promise
At your Post Project Meeting, our Holland renovation and construction contractors will present you with our Warranty Promise.
If there is a problem with our workmanship – whether it is 5 months or 5 years after the job is completed – we will be there to take care of it, for as long as you own your home.

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  • If you're not sure what your Project Budget should be, check out the "How Much?" page for a rough estimate of what typical remodels in our area cost.